If you have purchased a Biker Gone/Beautiful Moon 7-inch from the
Kim Deal Solo Series, you will be receiving a replacement copy
in the mail at no cost to you, and here’s why:

Hello Kim Deal Music Friends,

The Biker Gone 7-inch was not pressed to meet our standards. Unacceptable We Say!

Kim Deal Music has had the Biker Gone 7-inch repressed by Furnace/Pallas, Germany.

They sound fantastic!

Anyone who bought one of the inferior-sounding 7-inches will automatically receive a quality replacement 7-inch, by mail, at no cost to you. Please make sure the shipping address on your paypal account is current.

For those of you who bought a copy from your local record store, please contact us here and we'll get your copy replaced.

It's important to us that we provide you with the best possible listening experience.

Thank you for your support.

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Thank You, David Haskell, for your help.